Technopark : RM ESI Onam Celebrations & Flower bed

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RM Onam RM1 RM Onam

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    hi my name is hemanth
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    Nice superb ya

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  4. By Achimiasmina on Jul 23, 2015 | Reply

    Thank you for the additional iiformatnon. It was a hard topic to write about and iiformatnon was limited. I agree with you, India is an extremely tolerant society given its size and diversity. I was not making any kind of judgements. My goal was to highlight India’s remarkable tolerance. In particular toward the rest of the world. While many western countries are running scared of globalization and integration, India has been able to embrace globalization and prosper from openly participation with the rest of the world, without bias toward religion or culture. I think that this is a direct result of India’s tolerant nature and diversity. My point was that maybe other countries could learn from how well India has been able to assimilate. In an effort to get feedback I left both sides open to discussion. In my research I found a few articles in the New York TImes that claimed that India is not a tolerant society based on various reasons and I provided some of those examples above. I found it interesting that even though India has had some rough patches, like every country has at one point or another, the article does not look at the bigger picture. So then I guess my question would have been better stated to say; Are these incidents evidence enough to classify India as an intolerant country?

  5. By Alisha on Jul 23, 2015 | Reply

    ஆம ம த ர . You are absolutely right. Not only food is a slow psooin, water is also a slow psooin. Because of industrialization, wastewater from industries is discharged into rivers and lakes in India. The good example is River Ganges which has been polluted by tannery wastewater. Since India is a developing country, it invests/targets on infrastructure establishment, improving educational system and installation of new industries to compete with China. Therefore, India doesn’t pay more attention on pollution prevention principles. China has just started to realize its environmental problems and making decisions to protect environment. Instead, developing countries are spending more money to remove the pollutants in water with some cheaper and greener technologies. Our politicians are not good enough to solve the pollution problems. Our ministers are approving/allowing industries to discharge wastewater into our natural rivers and lakes by getting some money without considering our environment. Tripur (Erode Dist) is one of the best examples in Tamil Nadu. Industries located around Tripur are discharging their effluent without any restrictions by the help of politicians. It was estimated that 6 out 10 people in India will not have enough water for their basic needs by the year 2025. Our current health Minister(mani/money, he hided the outbreak of chikun guniya in Tamil Nadu. finally what happened??? People are affected. He wanted to show/pretend that they are doing well in their duty. Pollution prevention laws should be enforced in a strict manner. Otherwise we cannot have a sustainable environment for our future.

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