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The idea of BlogWorkz is very simple. There are thousands of bloggers around us, most of them blogging daily. Even with all this hard work do you feel you’re not getting enough recognition and viewers?

That’s what I felt when I blogged in my blogspot blog years ago. Now the growth of huge blogs like techcrunch or gizmodo suggests one thing, you can’t do it alone.

That’s what BlogWorkz all about! We are forming a community of bloggers ready to work together as a team. Each one will concentrate on different technologies/fields ( ranging from Global Warming to Micro Processors) at and various other blogs we own.

I have a number of blogs ready now and seeking for Authors. The topics ranges is as follows: ( All are .COM Domain names)

General Technology, Web, Internet, Gadgets etc.


Apple products, MAC, Mac softwares and Mac OSX

Global warming and Green Projects

Spam and Antispam measures and softwares

Computer security and security products like antivirus, antispam, firewall, antispyware etc.

Webhosting, servers and webhosting plans

Microprocessors and Chipsets

Automobiles and Fast cars, Super cars



For each quality posts you’ll be paid via Paypal. We are not going to disclose the post rates but will be decided on direct chat with the bloggers. Once all setup and running the BlogWorkz members will get exclusive access to the private discussion section over here:

If you are interested please post your comments below with your sample blogs and areas of interests.

Or mail me